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Where we’re going next… and what else is out there

February 24, 2009

On March 11th, at 10 a.m., we’ll be hosted by Community Integration Services Society.   Contact Lee Weisgarber at 604-461-2131 by March 2nd to register.   This will be with a group of mainly self-advocates and we’ll be collaborating with Shelley Nessman, Self-Advocacy Advisor for CLBC.  

On March 16th, from 9 – 3 we’ll be hosted by AimHi in Prince George at the AimHi Gymnasium and will be doing what we consider our “regular” presentation, for all kinds of folks, a day long mix of research, interaction and stories. 

On Saturday June 6th, from 8:30 – 12 we’ll be at BCACL’s annual conference, in Victoria:

101 Ways to Make Friends: Ideas and Conversations for People with Disabilities and Their Supporters

This lively, interactive presentation will explore 101 ways that people with disabilities and their supporters can make friends, find advocates and increase the depth and strength of their relationships with family and community members.


a note from our friends at “Imagine”

“Join us for an exciting learning opportunity March 3rd. “Walk Beside Me-Cultivating the Possibility of Friendship” This daylong workshop is aimed at supporting us to deepen our thinking about the ways in which we might support people with disabilities, to live lives rich in community connections, and friendships. We know caring friends and relationships are key to enjoying a good life—whether it be to find meaningful work, to have a sense of value and worth or to explore one’s interest and potential. And, we know this is possible—that we can intentionally nurture and facilitate opportunities for people with disabilities and typical citizens to connect and form deep bonds.

“The stories and experiences of the ‘Circles Initiative’ a parent led agency, in Southern Australia, is one example of what can be possible. Join us March 3 as we learn how they have been moving forward with the work of creating and sustaining personal networks or ‘circles of friends’.  Jayne Barrett, respected parent leader and facilitator, is well recognized in AU, for her work in this area. She will lead us in a daylong exploration in understanding the ways in which we might work to intentionally support relationships.

to register for “Walk Beside Me,” contact  or Cheryl Hughes for more information

If your group is interested in booking a day long workshop or a briefer presentation on the CLBC Personal Support Network initiative, or training in another area of our work (leadership, instructional strategies, program development, agency infrastructure), send us a note at

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