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Jayne Barrett

March 28, 2009

Jayne Barrett, a parent and community building leader from Southern Australia, presented on the “Circles Initiative” she has been leading there for the last several years through the agency she is employed by, Community Living Inc, on March 3rd in Vancouver.   The “Circles Initiative” establishes and nurtures the intentional creation of ‘circles of friends’.  This was the last engagement of a tour that took her from her home to Ireland, Ontario, Alberta and then several BC stops.  Jayne is committed to the creation of highly personalized supports for people with disabilities that support valued, inclusive lifestyles.  During the day she spoke at the War Memorial Center on Personal Support Networks to a group of about 60 people; that evening she went to Abbotsford for a more intimate “dialogue with families.”   All events were organized and facilitated by “Imagine” a group of volunteers concerned to find opportunities to present best-practise training and support strategies that are community based and family oriented.  It was a great day and one of the things many participants liked was the clarity of Jayne’s explanation of how she and her team of network builders goes about finding folks who want to be part of networks, what they say to them, how they organize and support them and how they record the actions and ideas of the group.   Another powerful thing was how excited everyone was to be participating in this conversation about relationships together.   We hope for more!

from Jayne:



A Circle of Support is a group of people who are intentionally invited to com together in friendship and support of a person who has a disability, for the purposes of protecting their interests into the future.  Not with the expectation that this group might necessarily have a responsibility of caring for the person but with the expectation that if asked people might be pleased to make time and agree to join the Circle to look out for the person.


Jayne will share some of her work and growing knowledge about Circles of Support.  This entails a detailed overview of her Circles Initiative:   includes discussion, pictures and stories, comments and questions.    Topics include:  What is a Circle of Support; Reasons Why; Who is Involved; What a Circle is NOT; Practical Steps; Good Information; Circle Facilitation and more.


for more information on upcoming “Imagine” workshops,

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