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Making new friends: Paul’s collage-making. by Shari F

March 28, 2009


collagephotoPaul is the quintessential social networker. Not only does he maintain frequent contact with people who are significant in his life, he also manages to connect with people who are significant to his friends, including family members. It is almost as though Paul is like Facebook without relying on the rather impersonal approaches via the internet. His inherent curiousity invites connections on a personal level. For example, following several questions about staff members’ friends and family members, Paul will ask to meet them or talk with them on the telephone. In turn, he has either been asked to visit their homes, they have visited him, or arrangements have been made to get together at a specific time.

He has expanded his horizons many times using this approach. Paul’s ability to listen well and engage in two-way conversations, along with his uncanny knack for remembering every single detail, seems to be validating for those he comes in contact with. Plus he has a complex sense of humour. He truly possesses some “magical” skills that are inspirational to many people. Hence, Paul has a lot of true and loyal friends. Indeed, his birthday celebration at his house in December had to be limited to 14 guests!

Through his involvement with Saturday/Sunday Socials, Paul has had opportunities to engage in activities that he might not typically participate in and subsequently, he seems to have found comfort in doing things such as colouring or creating collages. He has learned greater patience and tolerance for himself and other people.

Paul has been a gracious, considerate and supportive host and guest.

Paul and Jules also experienced grand adventures in Las Vegas in the beginning of March!


Jules (bowtie) and Paul check out the Grand Canyon

Jules (bowtie) and Paul check out the Grand Canyon







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