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Rachel Simon, “Riding the Bus with my Sister” – One Book, One Community

April 30, 2009

“This is an amazing book, a beautiful story of the ties that bind. Two sisters, as different as they come, find the magic in each other’s lives. This book touched my soul.”
– Rosie O’Donnell


I was visiting Rachel Simon’s site and discovered a couple of things.   First, you can read an excerpt from her book here:   Second, that in the U.S.:

…community-wide reading programs… are sweeping the country? Generally referred to as One Book, One Community, these are programs in which an entire city, county, or even state is encouraged to read and discuss the same book. Titles are selected not only for their literary quality and ability to raise awareness, but also for their appeal to readers of all ages, from middle school students to older Americans….  Several communities have selected Riding The Bus With My Sister for their One Book, One Community programs.

To learn more:

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