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“You’ve Gotta Have Friends” Conference

April 30, 2009

youvegottahavefriends1Over just a few years, this conference has become one of the most inspiring and looked-forward to events in our province for those interested in building community.    Check out for details.   Conference highlights include a fund-raiser with Rick Mercer, best-selling author Dr Barbara Coloroso, Angie Dairou, a respected global change-agent, as well as a number of other speakers and leaders.    It looks to be a great mixture of fun, energising and inspiring moments, opportunities for connections and networking.    I’m particularly interested in a presentation, “Engaging Youth” by Kinex, which has produced a remarkable document about exactly how youth with and without disabilities can seize opportunities to work together.  

from the “You’ve Gotta Have Friends” site:

This group is working to ensure Langley citizens, including those living with a disabilitiy, have people in their lives with whom they share friendship and a sense of belonging.  You’ve Gotta have Friends is sponsored by The Langley Association for Community Living (LACL), which has provided services to individuals with developmental disabilities and families since 1959.  LACL believes there remains a critical need to build community connections and authentic friendship opportunities for people who are isolated.

You’ve Gotta Have Friends brings together people who have found community for people with disabilities and others who want to share their experiences.  This group is designing activities to help create a welcoming community where everyone embraces a sense of beloinging, cares for each other, connects through friendship and has fun.  You’ve Gotta have Friends want to break down barriers that keep people from experiencing a rich and rewarding life in the community.

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