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“Century Plant” – hopeful song for the month and Jules’ site(s) of the month

May 31, 2009

a great song, written by Victoria Williams and performed in the movie “Camp”

from Jules Andre-Brown:

Here are couple things from the webs…

This is a guest blog post by “The professional hobo” for the  “I will teach you to be rich” blog . The professional hobo is a woman who travels fulltime  the world on a $14,000 a year.   In this post she comments on different ways to voulenteer and live abroad.

Vancouver Dodgeball League.
This is a group of people who play the elementray school game of dodgeball against each other. It looks really fun!

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  1. June 1, 2009 1:29 am

    Thank you for the mention of my article about Traveling Full-Time! Yes, it can indeed be done.

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