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Why Blogathon?

July 25, 2009

Good morning!  I was scrolling through some of the other blogs participating in the Blogathon 2009 – you know there is a cool surfing frame where you can easily click from one participating blog to the next? – and found many people introducing themselves and their blogs.  I started with a story, so now I’ll introduce myself (ourselves) and our plan for the day.  Spectrum Society for Community Living was created 22 years ago in April 1987 by Susan, Ernie and Patrick with the help of some founding board members.  We found Aaron (or he found us) in 1989 and we have worked together as a three person leadership team (Susan, Aaron and Ernie) since 1990.  Over the past 22 years, we have grown from serving four people moving out of Woodlands to now serving 140 people who live across Greater Vancouver. 

Two years ago, on our 20th anniversary, we did a demonstration project on developing personal support networks (our final report is here) and found that one of the greatest treasures was the stories people told about their friends and family.  This blog was created to share those stories and other ideas on how to build personal support networks.

Our plan for the day is to share the blogging duties – Aaron, Susan and Ernie with help from many other people who have been sending us stories – so you will experience a number of distinct writing styles and lots of great stories over the next 24 hours.

Thanks for dropping by.  You can sponsor our blog here.

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