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Animal Odd Couple

July 26, 2009

At the You’ve Gotta Have Friends conference this past May, keynote speaker Angie Dairou showed this video:

What does this have to do with helping people with disabilities make friends, you ask?  Hmm…I think it was another lesson in diversity, if I recall correctly.  Regardless, everyone loves a cute animal video!

Well, dear readers, I’m off to watch a movie and give my computer a rest.  I leave you in the capable hands of Ernie and Aaron for the next few hours.  I’ll be back at 3:30 a.m.  to usher in the final leg of our blogathon.  Thanks to everyone who has checked in on us through the day, commented on our stories, and pledged their support!  And a big thank you to Jules for his posts.  Stick with us, gang – just another nine hours to go!     – Susan

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