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Finding Past Friends : Make sure you’ve always got a little extra room

July 26, 2009

It’s always tickles me to wonder where people from my past homes, schools, and routines are.

Connecting with old friends, all you need is a couch.

Connecting with old friends, all you need is a couch.

Is my old bus driver going to be there? Wait – does that bus route still exist?

What happened to the people in my old life, i liked them. Over this week, some of those questions have been answered.
A friend of mine, I’ve known through my past life ; has past through my life.
My buddy, Alex, who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years was in town on his travels to the United States.
I was able to offer my place up this weekend and spend some time with him. He is doing this thing called
“”Couch Surfing”, which is not a furniture based sport – but a social network of people who share accommodation
online. Ends up you can just log in to this site & ask people who you think you’d get along with and say

“Hey can I stay at your place?”

He leaves for Seattle tomorrow morning.

More to come in half and hour. 🙂

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