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Friends come together at Spectrum’s annual summer picnic

July 26, 2009
It was a perfect day for a picnic at Trout Lake

It was a perfect day for a picnic at Trout Lake

Hi everyone – I’m back for more blogging!  I’ll be your tour guide through the next three entries, and then Jules has offered to share his insights with us over the dinner hour.  Isn’t this fun?

– Susan

Every year, Spectrum hosts a big summer picnic at Trout Lake.  Staff, families, people in our services, friends and neighbours all come together for an afternoon of good food, good conversation, and good company.  The turnout seems to get bigger every year, with over 200 people attending this year’s picnic on July 21st.  Many thanks to Ray Hunter and his team for organizing this year’s picnic and serving up all those hot dogs!

My favorite part of the picnic is seeing all the old familiar faces, people I don’t get to see very often – it’s like a big family reunion, and indeed some of the people we catch up with at the picnic are like family to us.  Parents of folks in our services who have welcomed us into their lives and shared their hopes and dreams with us.  Some have been with us since our own children were born, and they always comment on how the kids are growing up so fast…with a sense of familiarity and pride not unlike that of our own relations. 

And of course it’s always great meeting the many new people who come out to the picnic, and to see the warmth and enthusiasm with which they are greeted.  People always comment afterwards on how friendly everyone was, and how they felt right at home.  What better introduction to our organization could we ask for?

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  1. July 26, 2009 4:25 am

    Great picnic!

    I had the opportunity to spend additional time with the family members of one of the people I support. Paul seemed to take delight in explaining to people that his sister Shannon and I had gone to school together way back in the 80’s. He also introduced his little niece, Cassie, to a bunch of his friends who were at the Spectrum picnic.

    Shannon and Cassie were visiting from California while Shannon prepared for and participated in a triathlon. I posted photos of all of us together on Facebook and people she had forgotten about made comments regarding memories they had of her when we’d been in high school. Lots of fun and some renewed friendships, too!

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