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My Friend Deb… by Lyn King

July 26, 2009

Who's in Your Network?  iPhone TypeDrawing

Who's in Your Network? iPhone TypeDrawing

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This came to us from our friend Lyn King, who has been a great friend to many as well has having a long career in our field.   It’s people like Lyn, always ready to go just a bit further, who make Community Living such a great thing.    Here’s her note:

Just happens I had a nice visit with a long time and very dear friend today that I can tell you about.

 My friend Deb is a person who lives with many labels, the most important one being friend! But that is not the one people see first, unfortunately, due to her inability to speak, her severe physical disability and significant care needs.

But it has always been the one I see.

Today I ran in to her home, because she is always home in the day on Thursdays,  whether she is visiting with friends, resting up for the weekend or meeting with her support team to train a new support person in her complex care.

I needed a Deb fix- her open friendly smile, a hug and a kiss and a heartfelt holler hello.

As I walked through the gate into her yard, I was thrilled to see her fruitful garden- Swiss chard over a foot high, fragrant basil hidden in the lettuce row, determined Bachelor Button’s pushing through her climbing rose searching for their place on the trellis her sister gave her…

Before I went in I stopped to pick some chard (Deb told me on Monday night, when I saw her at a local live music coffee house we both go to, that she was quite full of it, as was her freezer!) and in the spirit of sharing I dead headed her Bachelor Buttons so the new ones could have an easier go of their battle with the roses.

I picked her beets as it looked like something else was enjoying them without her permission!

I quickly knocked and barged in, to find Deb indeed training a new face in her team with her friend Catherine the dietitian.

 She did spare me a moments time for that kiss and hug and holler hello, to which I added my request to borrow her special Maslin pan, a jam making pot. The loan was gladly given on my promise of a bowl of my Transparent applesauce, which I plan to make tomorrow night.

 Deb and I are canning buddies, having spent many hours in our community kitchen ‘Around the Kitchen Table’ chopping, grinding, grating, mashing etc  as we prepared meals, made Edible Christmas gifts for our families, prepared stuffing for BACI’s Annual Christmas dinner for 300, or just enjoyed the company of our cooking partners and the flavours of our efforts.

Our friendship is one of many years, a close and meaningful bond that I cherish and feel deep in my soul.

Acceptance, love, friendship, company, welcoming, sharing, time- all gifts Deb gives me and ones I gladly accept.

What began as a job in July 1988 has become a connection, family. Now there’s a job perk you wouldn’t expect, eh!

Sure perked up my day today!

Lyn King

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