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On the phone with Scott

July 26, 2009

I can always tell when it’s Scott on the phone.  One of my boys will answer the phone, pause for a few seconds, and then reply “ok, I’m a monkey.”  Scott likes to tease my boys, and they get a kick out of it.  He usually starts his conversations with me by giving me an update on the BC Lions or the Canucks, and I predictably steer the conversation toward another topic.  He’s happy to talk about other things, but sports is his comfort zone and that’s how he eases into the conversation. 

I recently took my kids on a two-week trip to the east coast.  Scott called me every night leading up to our departure to confirm our plans and what day we would be returning home.  Sure enough, within hours of our return, Scott was calling to ask about our trip and tell me how much he’d missed us.

Scott has a long list of friends he likes to talk to on the phone.  It’s how he likes to keep in touch.  Getting together in person is another story.  He’s invited me to his house for dinner many times, but invariably changes his mind at the last minute.  Likewise, I’ve invited him to my house several times over the years.  He’s come over once, and didn’t stay long.   

This picture was taken at the office a couple of months ago.  Scott comes by the office every week and says hi to all of us.  On this particular day, Kyla was visiting with her new baby, Abigail.  I wasn’t there for the visit, but Scott called me that night.  His voice was trembling with delight as he told me “I held Kyla’s baby.”  He was thrilled.  (Thanks Shari Fader for the great photo!)

Scott and Abigail

Scott and Abigail

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