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Welcome to Spectrum’s Personal Supports Network Project Newsletter for September!

September 1, 2009

August was a busy, fun month – for one thing Susan and I were, oddly, on opposite coasts.    She was in PEI with her family and I was on the Olympic Peninsula with mine.   And our project hosted David Pitonyak for three days of workshops and invited in, altogether, about 200 different folks from all over the province.   Thursday was our first “cost-recovery” workshop that we’ve hosted on our own (we’ve partnered with “Imagine” before for workshops) and we learned a lot.   Thanks to Judy in particular, but also to many other folks who took on different roles throughout the three days.  

I’ve been a fan of David’s for a long time, so I have wondered what it would be like to actually spend days with him, have dinners, introduce him to people I love…  you know how every once in a while a dream comes true and you think “wow, that was worth dreaming!”    At the end of three days with David, things felt very simple, strong, elegant, doable, worth doing, full of opportunities for growth, potent and ready for transformation.   There wasn’t a single person I talked to who didn’t feel moved and changed by their time with David.  

And I was having to drink powerade because I’d been laughing and crying so much that I was starting to feel dehydrated.   We’re hoping to host the return of David to Vancouver next year for even more days, so keep in touch… 

With September, we’re starting to book workshops again and have already lined up almost ten places to visit: we’ll be in Grand Forks, Kelowna and Prince George to start with, over the next month or so.   If you’re in one of those places and want to connect, email us at  – we love to meet people if we can, and hear about what’s going on in your area. 

Last but not least, we have a new order page for those wanting to purchase books.

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David Pitonyak, telling a story

David Pitonyak, telling a story

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Last but not least, if you’ve got an idea or a story you want to share, email us at and we’ll do our best to help you get the word out.

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