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Michael Kendrick in Vernon: “Optimal Individual Service Design.”

October 1, 2009

As we’ve traveled around the province talking to leaders of various initiatives, one of the names that keeps coming up is that of Michael Kendrick – his influence (and the willingness of folks in our province to consider his ideas) are part of what’s making BC a leader in person centered supports.  

NOCLS and Kindale are hosting Michael Kendrick’s intensive “Optimal Individual Service Design” in Vernon, October 26 -30 and November 23 – 27, 2009.   They have made arrangements for a reduced rate at local hotel.   There are a maxium of 30 participants working closely and, as of our last contact, there were a few spaces left.    We’re wishing we could go but had booked our own workshops during those days!   The cost is approximately 1350.00 per person (plus hotel and other expenses).    “I highly recommend to the course as it is amazing.  …You learn, you practice and leave with an unbelievable tool to assist you in the future,” says co-host Garry Molitwenik.  

From the course outline:

This course has been developed due to the ongoing difficulty faced by many consumers, families, advocates, staff, funders, and organizations to be able to develop services that are authentically effective in meeting people’s needs, and that can be implemented in relation to conventional organizational conditions. It is commonly the case that people often want this result, but are stymied when it comes to evolving service models and strategies that are both in accord with the person’s needs and viable in the usual bureaucratic environments of services. Of particular interest in the course is the problem of innovation as it relates to the construct of unique individual service models or support arrangements “from scratch” that may lack local, or even national precedents, to serve as a guide.

The course relies heavily on a framework of analysis first pioneered by Dr Wolf Wolfensberger, of Syracuse University called “model coherency analysis”. This will be combined with many derivatives of this initial work as it relates to quality of service. The event will examine many contemporary subjects pertinent to optimal service including but not restricted to:  

  • The nature of quality
  • The role of assumptions in determining needs
  • Establishing fundamentality in needs
  • Meeting needs normatively
  • Defining “person-centredness”
  • Appropriate and supported use of generic and natural supports
  • The role of personal vulnerabilities and intentional safeguards
  • Understanding how empowerment can be put into operation
  • Clarifying pertinent theories and how they are embodied in models
  • Understanding how service design can done jointly “with” consumers, families and cultural groups rather than done “to” or “at” them
  • Costing, structural and management strategies and judgement
  • Serving “difficult to serve” persons
  • Building in the capacity to modify service practice on an ongoing basis
  • Exploring the ethics of “right relationship”
  • Searching for answers in people’s lives on an ongoing basis rather than having them “once and for all”

The significant limitations that exist today in both systems and practitioners being able ensure that a given individual will actually receive a highly relevant individual support arrangements that suits their needs and lifestyle has made it necessary to familiarize interested persons in how this can be done optimally, even in today’s systems. Consequently, this event has been developed to give practitioners who are well disposed to individualized solutions i.e. “person centred options”, the opportunity to go through the actual stages of thinking, judgement and decision-making that are involved in creating meaningful person centred results.

To enquire about spaces: Garry Molitwenik

If you are interested in attending but can’t go to Vernon or they’ve run out of spaces, let us know – we hope to co-host Michael here in Vancouver in the next couple of years.

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  1. Cheryl Hughes permalink
    November 2, 2009 7:09 am

    As someone who has participated in this couse, I found it really worth the commitment, money and time. The presentors are extraordinary– having an immense depth of experience, a clear foundation/good theory and real life practice. The clarity of thinking which makes up the content of this course is very rich, relevant,and comprehensive. The course is designed to gradually build upon the capabilities of participants, offering an experiential learning opportunity that supports implimentation of what is being taught– right away.

    I highly recommend this event to anyone interested in creating solutions that invite thinking in new ways and imagining what could be possible if we were to really allow ourselves to build something with somone ‘from scratch’. The course offers a framework for exploring what it might take to support a person to experience value, fufillment and true belonging in their life.

    This approach has empowered my capbilities in my work by engaging my creativity and increasing my ability to work in more intentional and thoughtful ways in the lives of others.

    Michael’s website has many articles that offer great food for thought and can be downloaded for free…

    To learn more about Janet Klees, who is a co-trainer with Michael and the Cordinator of DEOHAEKO SUPPORT NETWORK, (a family governed initiative in Ontario),–see

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