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October 31, 2009

New Friends in Grand ForksWell, we had a great time in Grand Forks with a group that included a self-advocate, some students from Selkirk College, their professor, a city councilman, some dedicated Personal Support Networkers and family members.    We could have easily been convinced to stay another day… or six.    Next month, the Edenvale Retreat, the largest gathering of self-advocates in the province (we’re feeling so honoured to have been included) and Kamloops, where we’ll be meeting with folks from the Community Council, self-advocates and family members.  

One of the things we really like to talk about with groups is the leadership that has grown out of British Columbia and created so many innovations that have spread around the country: PLAN, Vela Microboard Association, Individualised Funding, People First…  when we speak in other places, people have an almost mythic sense of what B.C. has accomplished.   Often they know more than many local folks about what we’re known for.   Many of these movements have been initiated by people who should be celebrated – Al Etmanski, Vickie Cammack, Barb Goode, Linda Perry, Gordon Fletcher, Brian Salisbury, Jule Hopkins, Pat Mirenda, Mildred DeHaan, David and Faye Weatherow…   that’s absolutely not a complete list, but it’s amazing that so many great thinkers and advocates have gathered in our province and been able to make themselves heard and create changes that have affected so many.   There’s a book in it all and, it seems to us importantly, there’s a history to the community living movement.  

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“I have lost friends, some by death … others by sheer inability to cross the street.”   Virginia Woolf

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