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Workshop news – Edenvale Retreat Self-Advocates Rock!

November 30, 2009

We had a great time at the 10th Annual Self Advocacy Leadership Institute at Edenvale, making some new friends and enjoying visiting with some old friends and some folks who we have met over our travels during the last couple of years.    One of the things that folks told us there is how much they look forward to coming each year and seeing people they’ve met, learning new skills, sharing information and ideas and growing stronger.   For only $170 per person for the weekend, inclusive, what a great deal!    Way to go,, Gregg, Arlene and Cam and whoever else is involved in putting all of this together!  

Each of our workshops is different, depending on who is there.   In this one we were delighted to have some folks who had attended workshops we had given in other areas, who had gone off and thought about the conversations we like to have with people, and had new ideas to share.   The other thing that is always interesting is how Self-Advocates support and share with each other, in different ways than they do as part of a larger group.    Definately there’s good reasons to support the Edenvale Retreat. 

We have some funding still available through CLBC to do more workshops until about March.   We hope to be in Kamloops in January, and do a couple of days there, but if you’d like to host a workshop for your group, agency or even a gang you put together for the purpose of looking at what you might do diffferently, let us know.   email

At every workshop we do, we try to gather feedback on what people want to focus on and how it could be best presented.   Here’s some feedback from a recent workshop:  “2 full days next time, with maybe a day in between.”  “[liked] Information presented, ideas that have come about.”  “Shared experiences.”  “Balance of presented info and useful groupwork.”  “Useful information and dialogue.”  “Content was relevant…”  “The comfort of interaction, relevant material, global picture.”  “Inspiration, vision, re-energizing.”

“Whether community is seen as a place, a network of caring people, or a community association where people gather around areas of common interest, hospitality is the ingredient that creates true community.    We have learned from New Story approaches and from our own family and friends that community and hospitality are essential ingredients to quality of life.”   John Lord, Pathways to Inclusion: Building a New Story with People and Communities.

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