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Seth Godin: thinking about linchpins in our lives

January 31, 2010

From Seth Godin comes this terrific idea, on his blog.   “Many months ago, I asked my readers to send me pictures of people who mattered, who made a difference–people they couldn’t live without. The result of that shout out is now published on the inside cover of my new book. …Celebrate the linchpins. We need more of them.”   Seth’s idea has been so popular, with people wanting to pay homage to people who’ve made a difference to their lives, that he’s created a new site for just this purpose:  linchpin   Check it out, upload a picture of someone who is a linchpin for you, see if you find yourself there…

I just uploaded a picture; see if you can find it 🙂

As we travel around the province and talk to groups about who’s important in their lives and why we’re thinking more and more of the kinds of roles that people have in our lives.    While we’re focusing on what we can learn from folks with disabilities but with an ongoing and increasing awareness that, in fact, people with disabilities might be the leaders in this field of connections and growing leverage through love…   they and their families have been figuring out how to connect with their neighbourhoods for 50 years, knowing that the more connections they grow, the less likely a return to a history of isolation and institutionalisation is.  And the more connections, self-advocates with disabilities tell us, the more likely that they’ll find jobs that speak to their passion, and expand their range of interests and possibilities…

for a very cool “linchpin manifesto” that you can print out go here

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