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Sherry’s Story of Independence

March 1, 2010

Sherry is an enthusiastic young woman who wanted to have weekly visits with her Deda (Grandfather) who lives in an assisted living facility.  However, Sherry, her family and support staff had to address a number of safety, mobility, transportation and other medical support issues before being able to make this happen. 

Working with Sherry’s family, Hand-Dart staff and care aids at Deda’s residence, a plan was developed to use Sherry’s own abilities, natural supports in the community and some additional family support to make her goal a reality. Sherry carries her personal I.D. in her purse and bus fare to give to the driver. Safety concerns were worked out with the Handi-Dart supervisor, in the event of a medical emergency a call to 911 would be placed. 

Until recently Sherry has always visited her Deda with the assistance of support staff, she now independently goes to Deda’s “house”. Sherry is completely familiar with the building where Deda lives.  This enabled her to know her way around and recognize which room he is in.  Sherry is also familiar with the automatic door systems and uses them independently. On most occasions Sherry now meets her Mother at Deda’s place of residence so they can visit all together.

We quickly discovered that Sherry was quite capable of using the Handi-Dart on her own. She now enthusiastically smiles and says “I did it! I did it!” when she gets off of the bus.

Sherry’s new found independence is reflected in her daily life now.  Days before the scheduled visit, Sherry, in her own excitement talks about her visit with Deda and riding the Handi-Dart. We smile whenever we hear Sherry say “I DID IT”.

– by Pat Moore, Sunshine Valley Community Services (Grand Forks)

Our thanks to Pat for sharing this story with us!

Sherry visiting with her Deda

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  1. Lorna Konkin permalink
    March 1, 2010 5:35 pm

    Great article Pat!!! Good job girl!

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