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Survey on Personal Support Networks

March 1, 2010

Thanks to everyone who has filled out the survey on personal support networks around the province – we’ve got lots of good information, but we’re still looking for more!   It takes just a few minutes, unless you tell us a story and then it takes a few more minutes (but we’re really appreciative!).    C’mon don’t be humble…    there is amazing stuff happening all over the province: share! 

If you or your organization offers any kind of support to personal support networks, please take a moment to complete this survey.   We’re trying to get the fullest possible picture of what’s going on in the province right now.   If you’re not sure that what you do qualifies, complete it anyway!   The more information the better.   If you know of someone or some project that might be interested, please forward the link below or this article.   Thanks!  

Take my survey

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