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welcome to the 101 Ways to Make Friends newsletter for March!

March 1, 2010

Well, it’s been an amazing month to live and work in Vancouver!   The energy, the opportunities to meet people from all over the world, the music and art and all those gold medals!!!    Our office manager (and amazing helper) painted our office window and won an award from the city; she painted 8 gold medals and people thought she was being optimistic.   So all these successes just might be due to her! 

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on our lead story last month by Chad Clippingdale about Steven’s trip to Vancouver to see the Canucks.   This month we’ve very grateful to Pat Moore, of Sunshine Valley Community Services, in Grand Forks, for sharing Sherry’s story and telling us about how it was facilitated by a group of dedicated support people and her community.   One of the things that Susan and I liked about it is that it’s not just a motivating story about a significant event, but it’s full of practical ideas.   Pat is a really energising person to be around and completely dedicated to personal support networks. 

We’ve been spending time with Michael Kendrick, speaking of energising.   Michael’s new book is Letting in the Light: Reflections on Leadership, Ethics and Human Services.   I am halfway through it and am thinking this is the book our field has been waiting for; I’ll review it for the next issue, but to give you a preview: it’s amazing.   It is available from or check their site and we’ve got an order in for a box of them that we hope to make available through our office.  

John Lord also has a new book coming out this summer, Impact: A New Perspective of Disability, which we’re looking forward to.   John is the author of Pathways to Inclusion: Building a New Story with People and Communities, which is another brilliant book.   We do have some copies of this at the office for sale.   John will be coming into Vancouver for a workshop on “The New Story” on May 5th, place and cost to be decided, but email if you’d like to be on a list for a spot for this workshop, which we’re looking forward to.   For those of you who got to spend some too-brief time with him when he was a keynote speaker at BCACL in 2008, or with he and Peggy Hutchinson at a CLBC event last year, this will be a great opportunity to look more closely at how “The New Story” might operate in the lives of people you care about.  

Other dates you might want to book off are June 7th and 8th when Michael Kendrick will be doing a rare two day introduction to person-centred thinking, leadership and community building.   Again, place, time and cost to be determined but do email Judy or our project email ( if you’d like to join us.   

Susan and I spent the last month preparing some articles that we’re going to be uploading to our website, and we’ll keep you posted on that.   We had a great time in Kamloops and are hoping to return for some more intensive work, are making a plan with folks in Ft. St. Johns and will be spending a few days in Burnaby with BACI and another day’s workshop with the folks from the Langley Assocation’s personal support network group, both of which have been doing some excellent work!

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