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Welcome to the May e-issue of the Personal Support Networks Newsletter

May 1, 2010

I love facilitating PATHs, particularly if I get to be the graphics person. Some years ago, facilitating at a PATH for a family that wanted to move to England, we were looking at hopes and dreams and plans and allies and how to stay strong - all the usual stuff in this beautiful process, and this older woman (a grandmother sort of person, the kind of elder we keep learning from in our travels! said, "No, it won't do - there's no WHITE SPACE! there needs to be a place where the universe can work its magic, where the unexpected can occur!" That made sense, and in every PATH that my friend Anne Marie Fulop and I have facilitated ever since we've tried to remember to leave white space for things that will be beyond our wildest dreams...

Still tickets left to register for John Lord on May 5th in Burnaby.   To download the brochure, click here.    We’ve learned so much from John and his family, and his writings.   He will be available to sign books as well.   We’re also proud to announce that in June Michael Kendrick and Mitch Loreth will be joining us in Burnaby for a two day workshop focused on leadership.    In other news, don’t miss the upcoming B.C. People First conference on June 17th and 18th, in Burnaby.  Prior to that, self-advocates will be getting together in Victoria.   Susan and/or Aaron will be at both events and would love to see you there!   For the BCPF conference, contact   In May we are excited to be travelling to Ft St John to do a workshop there.  

Susan and I have been working on some new articles, which can be found here.   Feel free to download them and use them as you will!   We’re in the process of revising our book, finally (maybe) finishing the DVD and a few other projects – happily being assisted by our old friend and new colleague, Jim Reynolds.   At just the moment when we were thinking we’d never find quite the right person to help us with several of the projects we want to do, Jim emailed to say he was feeling ready to come back to work but wanted to do “something different” and wondered if we had any ideas.   He says the quickness of our response was a little alarming, but he’s settling in nicely!  

On another note, our funding was to end as of this month, but has been continued so we continue to be available to do workshops with what is actually a wider pasture to work in – we can do workshops specifically with Self-Advocates (oh my goodness, what a great time we had with the BACI folks – about 200 of them over two days, how wonderful!) and also can focus on training staff to use community based instructional techniques to facilitate relationship building.   Thanks Jule and CLBC for believing in this work!  

We wish you all a great May – particularly all the mothers and grandmothers and aunts and sisters that we’ve met in our travels, who have shared so many great ideas with us.   Happy Mother’s Day!

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