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Chris’s SASI Community Building Project

June 1, 2010

Chris, discussing his project

Our friend Chris Woods came up with an interesting project idea about community mapping.    Chris is great at getting around and introducing himself, and he loves helping people.   He realized that not everyone has the same strengths and, assisted by Chad Clippingdale, will be making his way through his neighbourhood, stopping to talk to people at community centres, businesses of various kinds and other places where people might make friends.    He’s going to interview people about what they do in those places, how they welcome people with disabilities and what gifts they perceive people bringing to them.   

Originally Chris was going to write this down for people, but he’s now thinking it will make a better video.   He hopes to make it available to others who want to access his community in Vancouver, or who might like to do a similar project in their areas.

 SASI projects are another innovation from CLBC, organized and supported by BCACL.    Here is some more information about projects happening in other areas of the province.

from BCACL’s SASI annoucement

“People with developmental disabilities across BC have been granted funding to lead groundbreaking community development projects in their communities.

Over 25 community projects – ranging from sign language café clubs to community festivals to radio shows and website networking – have received funding. Check out the projects here.

The Self Advocates Seeding Innovation (SASI) initiative is rooted in the principles of self determination and independence, as people with developmental disabilities lead the projects. It was developed to bring people together, give back to community and strengthen the self advocacy movement in B.C.

SASI is coordinated by the BC Association for Community Living and sponsored by Community Living BC”

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