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Michael Kendrick and Mitch Loreth: some tickets left for June 7th and 8th

June 1, 2010


Inspiring Possibilities through Innovative Leadership:

Two Days with Michael Kendrick and Mitch Loreth

Spectrum’s “101 Friends” Personal Support Networks project is excited to host two leaders respected for their innovative approaches locally and internationally for a rare event concerned with best-practice supports, leadership and the future: what are the challenges and opportunities for ourselves and our agencies?   How do we support family, individual and community leadership?  A limited number of tickets are available. 

Registration: 200.00, includes meals.

9 – 4:30, June 7th and 8th, 2010

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

6083 McKay Avenue

Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7 Canada

Please contact Judy at or 604-323-1433

Or register online at

      “…we are very much capable of, sincerely and with great care, choosing values and assumptions that bring added life possibilities much closer for people who would otherwise be denied them. It is this wonderful potential to bring out the good in all of us, that is the prize that awaits those who take up the problem of deep attitude with concern and hope. We must learn to frame our choices much more clearly as being those that are life-giving and those that are life-denying in order to see more clearly the better way ahead.”

“Life-Giving Values,” Michael Kendrick

Some of the topics to be covered: –      The future of non-profits

–      The influence of our history

–      Key leadership challenges

–      The goal of person-centredness

–      Emerging leadership challenges for innovative leaders

–      Achieving goals, measuring success

–      Being inspired; staying inspired

–      Welcoming innovations


About Michael Kendrick 

Michael Kendrick is an independent international consultant in human services and community work in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Central America. His works and writings have included leadership, service quality, the creation of safeguards for vulnerable persons, social integration, change, innovation, values, advocacy, the role of individual persons and small groups in creating advances, evaluation, alternatives to bureaucracy, personalized approaches to supporting people, and reform in the human service field.

Prior to becoming a consultant he held the positions of Assistant Commissioner for Program Development, Massachusetts, Director of the Institute for Leadership and Community Development and Director of the Safeguards Project.  He is very active as a public speaker and trainer as well as evaluator, consultant, and advisor to advocates, governments, agencies and community groups. He regularly teaches at various universities in North America and abroad and has done hundreds of assessments of agencies, programs and government departments all over the world.   Michael is the author of the recently published, Letting in the Light: Reflections on Leadership, Ethics and Human Services.  

For more information, see Michael’s website at which offers almost endless reading material on every aspect of community living, leadership and thinking critically about our roles.  

About Mitch Loreth

A Consultant in Community Based Services, Mitch is a long-time friend and advocate to people with disabilities and their families. He is an experienced evaluator of services and programs. Mitch lives in Victoria, British Columbia and has worked nationally and internationally as a lead evaluator/analyst and presenter/trainer. Mitch believes deeply in inclusion and demonstrates what it takes to assist vulnerable people to live safe and rewarding lives in community. He is known as an exemplary presenter and facilitator.

About Spectrum Society’s “101 Friends” Personal Support Network Project…

Beginning 3 years ago with a small six month CLBC grant and a vision of supporting folks with disabilities to expand and deepen their connections in their communities, we’ve become increasingly passionate about the potential of those we support to not only join more fully in their communities, but provide leadership and enrichment.    

 “The function of freedom is to free someone else.”  Toni Morrison   Visit our website  Sign up for and/or contribute to our provincial e-newsletter!If you’d like to host a workshop for a community group, agency or self-advocates’ group, contact us at
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