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Welcome to the June edition of the 101 friends project e-newsletter

June 1, 2010

Aaron, Susan and Jim, above the Peace River during their trip to Ft St John

Well, what happened to May?   It seems to have come and gone so quickly… 

We had a great time with John Lord in May and are looking forward to spending time with Michael Kendrick and Mitch Loreth at a two day workshop on leadership and the future of supports to folks with disabilities.   The program looks amazing, and as of today there are still spaces.    See below for more information.  

We are glad to announce that we’ve hired James Reynolds, one of our favourite colleagues who we worked with in the past, to assist us in some of the related endeavours to our project.    Jim recently came with us to Ft St John where we did a couple of workshops and spent part of a day with some folks in their home, talking to their team.   We’re really excited about having Jim on board.  

Ft St John was a great trip for us – wonderful families and self-advocates and very dedicated staff.   It’s always so interesting to us to go into a community so different from our own and see how things work; in Ft St John the local association is definately a leader in their community, and the folks supported by them are involved in all kinds of ways.   An idea we loved was their “Pay It Forward” day – read about it in another section and see what you think!  

Some of the folks we met were former residents of Glendale who because of the nature of their profound, multiple disabilities had really little or no access to their communities.   How moving to hear about their re-connection to their families, the ways they now make choices, the things they do and the places they go, and the dreams the team who supports them have for their futures.   The depth of caring around them was so evident and it was striking to us, as people who worked for brief periods of time getting people with similar challenges out of institutions, about the different quality of their lives now.   Even in a home that was short-staffed, and then struck by a virulent cold that took out more staff, where people were working shift after shift, the team was so willing to sit and talk about what more they might do for the people they cared about.  

Over the next month we’re looking forward to spending time with more groups of self-advocates in Victoria and Vancouver, and then off to Grand Forks, one of our favourite places, with Jule Hopkins from CLBC.  

In July look for an annoucement about our upcoming workshop, “The Changing Role of Community Support Workers,” which is envisioned as the bookend to Michael Kendrick and Mitch Loreth’s workshop on the changing face of leadership in community living.

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  1. June 17, 2010 10:32 pm

    Nicely written Susan. It was very nice to have you three up here in FSJ and nice picture by the way.

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