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August 1, 2010

Nothing makes me happier than being around people how have worked hard to become self-advocates and also great drawing by anyone!  So its been a wonderful summer so far.  Susan and I have been working on a project that has involved about 40 new drawings that we’ve been putting together, and at Spectrum’s strategic planning we had Avril Orloff come in to render our vision for the next decade in graphics.   On June 16th, at the Victoria Self-Advocates Conference – co-hosted by the Victoria Self-Advocates and the Self-Advocates for a Brighter Future – we had so much fun.  What an amazing group of more than 100 self-advocates (and then the rest of the week I spent at the B.C. People First Conference with my friends there).  Lisa Arora was the graphic facilitator ( at the Victoria “My Community Conference” and did an amazing job – I’ve always wondered how that would feel.   And then Susan and I rolled out a new part of our workshop for self-advocates which is something like a world-cafe, and they exanded on some of the ideas that we’d talked about.   There are some photos below of the work of Lisa and some of the groups of self-advocates and supporters.  

The other thing we’ve been doing is spending lots of time in Grand Forks with an excellent staff team there, and some families and folks with disabilities faciliting person-centered planning through network development.    Ask us if you’re interested in this service.

Here is also a kind of funny video of me, made by my great friend Jules Andre-Brown, at the most recent workshop Susan and I have been doing – The Changing Roles of Community Support Workers.   It’s sort of in facebook but I think you can see it without joining facebook.!/video/video.php?v=409528983634&ref=mf   I think it’s pretty hilarious.   I like the part where I click my heels three times to summon my inner Wizard of Oz I guess!

so, an AMAZING summer so far!

a last note before I take off to the Oregon Sand Dunes for a short camping trip (my partner would say “a long camping trip” 🙂 while Susan is off to San Francisco perhaps (she wasn’t quite sure).  We are back in September and going gangbusters again with a whole week of David Pitonyak and then a HUGE celebration that we’re really looking forward to, and then a couple of weeks with Michael Kendrick in which about 6 agencies are participating to host he, Jeff Strully and Pat Defrangelico for a session of the Optimal Individual Service Design.  If you’re interested in participating in this rather intense two week workshop, let me know at and we’ll see what we can do.  The cost is about 1500.00 per participant.  There will also be a couple of evening workshops for families and friends during the month of September/October so we’ll keep you posted about those.   Do register for David’s workshops if you can, and I’d suggest seizing this opportunity to spend two days with him.   It’s pretty singular!

Last but not least, congratulations to Chad Clippingdale, who sometimes helps out with these articles, and has just gotten married to the lovely Melissa. 

Hope you are having a great summer!

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