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Celebrating Stories of Community Living: Crafting, Sharing and Learning. Oct 2nd, Vancouver, Unitarian Church

September 1, 2010
 The 101 Friends Personal Support Network Project:     

 Celebrating Stories of Community Living

Crafting, Sharing & Learning                                                    

“I hope, wherever you come from, there is someone who holds your story.  Someone who remembers you when you were  knee-high to a grasshopper. Being known is critical to our well-being. Having our stories held and told by others gives us a sense of  place in the world, a sense of belonging, what Pema Chodron has called, ‘the good ground.’”   from “Who Holds Your Story” by David Pitonyak 

We’re thinking we don’t get together enough to just talk and share!   Please forward this to your friends, neighbours, co-workers and colleagues.   Please join us for a day co-hosted by the Vela Microboard Assocation, the 101 Friends Personal Support Networks project and Spectrum

Four Events

Room One: Come and tell your story or a story about a friend, family member, co-worker, colleague or employer.   What is your life like?  Who is important to you?  What do you love to do?   Volunteer helpers will scribe, draw, photograph or record your story.  Paper, collage materials, felt pens, paper etc. will be available.  Everyone communicates and everyone is welcome!    To volunteer, email

Room Two

A Day of Learning About How To Tell Stories and Why they are Important with experts of all Kinds.    David Pitonyak, Patrick McDonaugh,  Linda Perry, Tim Stainton, Aboriginal story-tellers, Barb Goode, Aaron Johannes, Susan Stanfield, Tim Ames from, information about the Leslie Chenowith’s Australian 1000 voices project – much more and many others!

Room Three: Barb Goode’s Welcome! Room – come and be welcomed, chat, have some tea and a cookie and experience hospitality. 

The Book!   As we make art, tell stories and take photographs  we’ll be collecting experiences and hope to make a book about our day together.

We hope to see you there!   10 – 4:30, October 2nd, 2010  Vancouver Unitarian Church at 949 West 49th Avenue

This is a Community Living Days event.   There is no cost.   Come and stay as long as you want.   Snacks and drinks will be available.  

 For more information, contact or Judy at or call 604-323-1433

About the Vela Microboard Association

Vela Microboard Association dedicates itself to honouring the rights of, and eliminating the barriers for, people with disabilities. This includes the right to freedom, equality, control over their own lives, and to be fully included as valued citizens in the relationships and the opportunities of community life.   Vela Microboard Association of British Columbia is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to exploring, facilitating, and supporting innovative community living options for people with disabilities.  Vela Microboard Association strives to develop and support living options that facilitate true interdependence, integration, and membership in the community.                                   


About Spectrum

Spectrum Society for Community Living is a registered non-profit society and charitable organization, formed in 1987 by a small group of friends and family members interested in developing community-based services for people with disabilities. About a third of the people supported by Spectrum came to us directly from provincial institutions. In addition to Woodlands, we’ve also assisted people to move out of Pearson Hospital, Willow Clinic and Riverview Hospital.  We also work with many families and individuals who are already living in the community.  As 2010 our primary focus is the support and development of networks that support self-determination, and the development of exemplary and communication about person-centred services.    


About the “101 Friends” Personal Support Network Project

Beginning within Spectrum 3 years ago with a small six month CLBC grant and a vision of supporting folks with disabilities to expand and deepen their connections in their communities, we’ve become increasingly passionate about the potential of those we support to not only join more fully in their communities, but provide leadership and enrichment.    With a focus on provincial and local leadership the 101 Friends project has presented more than 45 workshops to about 2500 people, from Ft. St. John to Nashville TN, as well as publishing books and DVDs by, about and for self-advocates and those who support them.


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