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Two free public events and Optimal Individual Service Design – Michael Kendrick, Pat Fratangelo and Jeff Strully

September 1, 2010

a collaboration between BACI, CLS and Spectrum…

Two Free Public Events! And “Optimal Individual Service Design” with Michael Kendrick, Pat Fratangelo and Jeff Strully

 Jeff Strully, on Tuesday September 21st  7 – 8:30 p.m.: “Jay Nolan Community Services: A Practical Example of How An Agency Transformed Itself From Conventional Services To Person Centered Options And What Was Learned”

 Pat Fratangelo, on Tuesday October 19th  7:00-8:30 p.m.: “ What Has Been Learned From Helping People Get Lifestyles That Ideally Suit Them: The Story Of Onondoga Community Living” 

 Both events will be held upstairs at the Burnaby Association for Community Integration, 2702 Norland Ave. Burnaby, BC.   Phone: 604. 299. 7851

 Both of these events are free, and there’s no need to RSVP.   Donations gratefully accepted at the door.   See below for more information about the Optimal Individual Service Design intensive two week course.  

 About Michael Kendrick  Michael Kendrick is an independent international consultant in human services and community work in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Central America. His works and writings have included leadership, service quality, the creation of safeguards for vulnerable persons, social integration, change, innovation, values, advocacy, the role of individual persons and small groups in creating advances, evaluation, alternatives to bureaucracy, personalized approaches to supporting people, and reform in the human service field.   He is very active as a public speaker and trainer as well as evaluator, consultant, and advisor to advocates, governments, agencies and community groups. He regularly teaches at various universities in North America and abroad and has done hundreds of assessments of agencies, programs and government departments all over the world.   Michael is the author of the recently published, Letting in the Light: Reflections on Leadership, Ethics and Human Services.   For more information, see Michael’s website at which offers almost endless reading material on every aspect of community living, leadership and thinking critically about our roles.  

About Pat Fratangelo  Pat is a well-known speaker and a leader in innovative community living.    She is the Executive Director of Onondaga Community Living, in central New York State, which provides services to adults in Syracuse and nearby areas.    The purpose of Onondaga is to “mission listen to each person’s history and personal story and to develop the services that best meet his or her needs, whether you look to us for residential or vocational services. Each service developed is developed one person at a time. There are no vacancies in jobs, apartments or houses for you to consider. Each job, home and personal lifestyle is developed with you in mind.”    See   for more information.  

About Jeff Strully  Jeff is an acknowledged leader in community living in North America and known for his leadership with Jay Nolan Services, a large agency which has transformed its services into person-centred, individualised supports.   He is a popular presenter and a tireless advocate for individualisation of services.    For more information about Jay Nolan services go to – check out their great resources page!

The opportunity to have two free evenings with these leaders occurs as part of their work leading a two week intensive on “Optimal Individual Service Design” (OISD).   Hosting this course are a number of agencies including BACI, CLS and Spectrum, as well as others.   The more collegial and collaborative the better!   As of right now there are still 8 spaces left for the workshops which are both lecture based and experiential.   Workshops occur Sept 20 – 24th and Oct 18th – 22nd.   Feedback from previous participants has been great – it’s been a transformational training for everyone we’ve talked to.    If interested in hearing more about the experience, contact Ray at 604-323-1433 ( or Cheryl Hughes at   To register, see below.

From “A Brief Description Of An Intensive Course On ‘Optimal Service Design’”

“This course has been developed due to the ongoing difficulty faced by many consumers, families, advocates, staff, funders, and organizations to be able to develop services that are authentically effective in meeting people’s needs, and that can be implemented in relation to conventional organizational conditions. It is commonly the case that people often want this result, but are stymied when it comes to evolving service models and strategies that are both in accord with the person’s needs and viable in the usual bureaucratic environments of services. Of particular interest in the course is the problem of innovation as it relates to the construct of unique service models “from scratch” that may lack local, or even national precedents, to serve as a guide.

“The course relies heavily on a framework of analysis first pioneered by Dr Wolf Wolfensberger, of Syracuse University called “model coherency analysis”. This will be combined with many derivatives of this initial work as it relates to quality of service. The event will examine many contemporary subjects pertinent to optimal service including but not restricted to;

  • The nature of quality
  • The role of assumptions in determining needs
  • Establishing fundamentality in needs
  • Meeting needs normatively
  • Defining “person-centredness”
  • Appropriate and supported use of generic and natural supports
  • The role of personal vulnerabilities and intentional safeguards
  • Understanding how empowerment can be put into operation
  • Clarifying pertinent theories and how they are embodied in models
  • Understanding how service design can done jointly “with” consumers, families and cultural groups rather than done “to” or “at” them
  • Costing, structural and management strategies and judgement
  • Serving “difficult to serve” persons
  • Building in the capacity to modify service practice on an ongoing basis
  • Exploring the ethics of “right relationship”
  • Searching for answers in people’s lives on an ongoing basis rather than having them “once and for all”

“This workshop on individual design has come about due the increasing demand for more choices and options for service users and their families. Despite considerable agreement that such choices should be available, both the systems of funding and provider practice itself have tended to favour the replication of existing and conventional models of service. This is understandable given that the crafting of “one off” /“developed from scratch” options are initially quite a bit more difficult to produce on a regular basis.”

“Each course participant will be part of a small work group that has as its task the formulation of a individual supports proposal that is intended to be as optimal as possible for a given individual and his/her family and friends. These individuals have volunteered for this role of serving as a practicum example in the hope of gaining some insights as to what might be some advantageous ideas to consider for their future. As a further part of the course, all of the individual proposals will be critiqued as they take shape, with the idea of improving the content and thinking of each proposal. This will give participants not only the experience of developing their own proposal, but also participating to some degree in the formulation of other proposals. Naturally, these proposals are all confidential as per the wishes of the people concerned.

The course is divided into two parts of five days each, from Sept 20 – 24th and from Oct 18th – 22nd.  Cost per person is approximately 1450.00 and participants may register with Judy at Spectrum ( or 604-323-1433).

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