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Celebration of Stories in Community Living – an album

November 30, 2010

“I hope, wherever you come from, there is someone who holds your story.

Someone who remembers you when you were  knee-high to a grasshopper.

Being known is critical to our well-being. Having our stories held

and told by others gives us a sense of  place in the world, a sense of belonging,

what Pema Chodron has called, ‘the good ground.’”   from “Who Holds Your Story” by David Pitonyak

We spent an amazing, powerful day with many friends at our first annual “Celebration of Stories of Community Living” event, co-hosted by Vela Microboard Assocation, Spectrum and 101 Friends project – there were cookies, and kids, and a number of excellent speakers, and lots of volunteers to help draw and scribe stories, photographers to take photos. folks came to demonstrate how they use stories in their work, and how you can too.   Next year: computer stations for people who want to write their own stories, longer breaks, more story-rooms!

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