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tweet tweet tweet @101FriendsBC – talk to us!

November 30, 2010

so I went to see Dan Pallotta, who wrote the book Uncharitable, which I think is great.   And before he started talking they said “Dan says for those of you who are tweeting the hashtag is #dpyvr” – well what the heck does that mean?  So, a little investigating later, I am charmed by tweet tweet tweeting…   probably this means that everyone else has moved on, but what the heck.    like Dan Pallotta i want to begin our workshops by saying “anyone who is tweeting can hashtag us at . . . ”

Unfortunately some guy has already taken the 101friends twitter name, even though he’s not really using it.   Hmph…  so we are 101friendsBC and hanging out with Cyndi Lauper and Peter Block – you can create quite a party in your own mind on twitter.   Join us if you like, send us messages, hashtag us at #101friendsBC and we’ll retweet you.

if you want to follow Aaron, search on imaginecircle  for Ernie ejbaatz  for Susan um…  she says call her on the phone, drop by, send a letter.   for Spectrum itself SSCLSpectrum

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