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Two conferences: Denver and Hawaii

November 30, 2010

There’s probably still time to figure out attending our favourite annual conference in North America (so far), TASH 2010, which this year is in Denver Colorado, Dec 8 – 11th (pre-conference sessions on the 7th).   The theme of this the 35th TASH Conference is “Embracing Difference – It’s Time.”   TASH, The Association for Severely Handicapped persons, is the largest network of advocates, people with disabilities and person-centred professionals in North America.    We’ve learned so much from their conferences when we’ve been able to attend over the years and are always gratified to be able to give something back.   This year Susan and I will be presenting a panel presentation on our work around support networks and how people around the province have come together to work in partnership in various ways, ranging from C.L.B.C.’s Safeguards Initiative to the work of local agencies around facilitating support networks.   On Saturday we’re proud to be part of the TASH Community Living Training day at which various leaders in their fields will be talking about their areas of expertise.    We’re going to be talking about the role of support networks and inclusion strategies in general, and an accidently segregated (“it just grew”) day program for about a dozen individuals which we’ve recently been part of closing and moving into the community.

One of the thing we’ll be doing in Denver is distributing copies of the new C.L.B.C. booklet “Support Networks: A Guide For Self-Advocates,” which we were part of facilitating and producing.    Jule Hopkins has done a wonderful job of pulling this together with a team of designers and this great little booklet (if we do say so ourselves) will be available from C.L.B.C. offices soon.   With input from three different groups of self-advocates the booklet has been designed to be a bit of an individualised workbook, for people to make their own.    Look for it, and let us know what you think!

We’ve also just received notice of the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities,  April 18 & 19, 2011, in Honolulu at the Hawai‘i Convention Center.   More information is available here, but it looks like (aside from the fact that it’s in Hawai’i! which is definitely a plus as we were thinking we might be in Manitoba that month…   which is quite different) an excellent conference of forward thinking people and a nice balance between research, how our field fits into the more general strategy of community development,  particular issues of etiology and stories of successful inclusion and life-making.

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