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Welcome to the December issue of the 101 Ways to Make Friends e-newsletter! Celebration of Stories event – a success!

November 30, 2010

One of our projects for 2012 is the publication of a new book by Barb Goode about her life and career as a leader in our field. It's one of our three new books and two DVDs coming out in 2011, plus a new edition of 101 Ways to Make Friends!

We had about 100 people through our three rooms at the Unitarian Church in Vancouver, co-hosted by Vela Microboard Association, Spectrum and the 101 Friends project.   In one room a number of speakers – David Pitonyak, Patrick McDonagh, Neil Paulson, Tim Stainton, Linda Perry, Susan Stanfield, Barb Goode and Jim Reynolds – talked about the importance of sharing our stories of community living.   In the central room the folks from demonstrated their strategy for online story and network sharing, while Gary and Zev Rosenberg took photos of people, volunteers Vicky, Victoria, Shirlane and Lanni helped people make crafts about their lives, and Barb Goode (in the “Barb Goode Welcomes You” room) did what she does so well – made people feel welcomed and cared for.   In another room volunteer graphic and scribe facilitators wrote and drew people’s stories.  We greatly appreciated the help of Kim Lyster, who did it all – talked about the importance of stories, supported our volunteers and helped out in all the rooms.   It was a great day and we hope to do it again next year.   Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out through the day, and to everyone who contributed – it was amazing that so many people showed up, so excited about this idea.

Susan and I went on to the FamilyFocus/BCACL/CACL conference where I ran from room to room – as a graphic facilitator, volunteer and, with Susan, speaker.   Susan, Ernie, Jim and I helped at our first ever book table where we got to share some of the writers and leaders we’ve gotten to know and been supported by, in the company of BC People First.   It was all crazy and wonderful.   The highlight of the conference for me was definately hearing my friends Jo-Anne and Mike Gauthier on Sunday morning, talking about their lives and their family, with their daughter Crystal, as well as getting in brief visits with John Lord, Laney, Fred Forde and Peter Bourne.

One of the things we’ve been doing is finalising the new strategic plan for our agency and trying to figure out how to say as clearly and simply as possible that, after listening to so many people all around the province, and getting to connect with so many of the best minds in our field, that we’re ready to commit!   Check it out here.

Now it’s back to work – on new projects we hope to finish in 2011!   And off to Denver in December.   We do have a little funding and some room to travel if you’re interested in hosting  a workshop and don’t make us drive through too much snow!   Contact us at

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