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A Local Open House

December 1, 2010

Meet your local MP

If you’re by our office on Kingsway on December 11th,  A local Member of Parliament  has invited us to local open house just 2 blocks down from our office.  Feel free to drop in and speak about your ideas, chat with people in the neighborhood, or just to have a snack.

Note from Aaron: one of our earliest realizations around supporting networks was about what Joanne calls “the art of the ask” – nothing will happen for anyone unless we figure out how to put ourselves out there.   Jules is an exemplary connector and facilitator – he can somehow manage to meet all the people in any given room, and then figures out how to connect them.   He went for a chat with our local MP and got us all invited…   they may not quite realize we’ve got about 1000 readers each month, but if you do go, look for Jules… see who he connects you with!

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