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an on-line book club?

December 31, 2010

An amazing new book by John McKnight and Peter Block

A classmate and Facebook friend sent out a link to this Feminist reading club/blog which I thought was a great idea – I’ve been looking for some way to get into more conversations about books that I love, or to generate a little more excitement that will make me want to read something that I’ve been putting off.   So I’m thinking of started a similar site with the beginnings of a reading list the theme of which is connection/belonging/community building and the social construction of disability.   If you’d like to join me we could make lists of favourite books around these ideas that we might want to read together and then pick a dozen to talk about.  I’d really like to read Community: Structures for Belonging by Peter Block as part of a group (one of my only unresolved resolutions for 2010).   There’s a great review of it here – which is part of Scott London’s excellent site, so another thought would be to throw in a couple of things that aren’t non-fiction books, mix it up a bit with a novel, perhaps a website, and perhaps even the lovely twitter site of Allan de Botton – a philosopher who seems to be looking to use twitter as a place to write really great aphorisms…

If you’re interested in joining me in such a blog-book-club send me an email at and we’ll see if there are enough people to make it interesting to create a site.

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  1. bctogether permalink
    January 7, 2011 12:29 am

    Where can I pick up a copy of this book? Is it available at the library?
    I am very interested in the book club idea as well.
    J Townsend

    • January 7, 2011 1:05 am

      that’s great Jay – do you mean the McKnight/Block book – I hope the library has it, it’s amazing. i’ll send you out an email with an invite to the book-club blog, later today or tomorrow.


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