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Two websites that help you connect with friends.

January 1, 2011

Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2011

I hope the new year is treating you well.   2010 was a big year for people connecting through the Internet – truly incredible to see the support  from people near and far for finding new ways to make friends.   It’s been great to hear some really amazing stories about friendship.  Connecting to people digitally has been pretty phenomenal.
Here a recap of a few different platforms that have been really exciting that you can use to find friends or strength relationships you all ready have  :
Tumblr :
Tumblr lets you create a website of all your favorite stories, photos, videos, ideas and quotes.   It’s very easy to use and a great informal way to share your thoughts and communicate what’s been going on for you.  You can privately share between just a few friends or the entire planet.
Tumblr syncs really well with a ipods and smart phones and is really creative on ways to post.  They allow you to re-post something, a friend from a different site posted – or set up a queue of ideas that tumblr will post for you.
Tyze :
Tyze is a social networking platform.   So it’s similar to e-mail, message boards, blogs and facebook.  Tyze is about sharing and contributing to the story of a person or community.   Tyze beautifully helps people share goals, tasks, events, files with each other.  It can be an easy way to help people into your life to see where they can make a difference with each other.
Tyze has paid a lot of great attention to the privacy of networks, ensuring that you’re information never shows up anywhere else on the web.  It also keeps advertisements away from your network.  A tyze network is invite only as it’s really built as a safe place to share intimate details.
To be invited into a Tyze network is a great honor, as it shares the important details of life.  People share their camping trips, hopes for the future, and plan bbq’s.  Let us know if you are interested in getting a Tyze site :

Sharing stories and photos with friends

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