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visiting with Norm and Emma; some upcoming events

February 1, 2011

We hope that everyone’s New Year is going well so far!   It’s been exciting to start making some plans for more workshops, travels and publications.   One of the highlights of our upcoming year is the first annual “Spectrum Institute” which will occur May 9th – 13th and will, this year, feature Norman Kunc, Emma van Der Kleft, Gordon Fletcher, Susan Stanfield and Aaron Johannes in a week of workshops focused on person-centred approaches, internal leadership, supporting self-determination, community development and systems transformation.    Norm and Emma were recently in town for a workshop on narrative therapy – a passion for them in their family practice (and such an interesting approach to hear about) – and were able to join us for brunch at my favourite restaurant, Burgoo.    I meant to have the waitress take a photograph, but forgot.   Luckily Zev, my son, was able to make portraits of everyone with our new ipad (he says that if you’d like your portrait done, send him a photo and he’ll send you back a portrait – send it to me at   If you’d like to contact Norm and Emma about possible workshops, consulting or therapeutic practices their website is

Plans are being solidified to offer a Vancouver workshops on Personal Support Networks in either February or March.   let us know if you’re interested in attending and we’ll get back to you with information.

In March Susan and I will be leading a workshop in Victoria for the South Island Education committee on “The Changing Role of Providing Support Within Community Living.”  For more information you could probably contact the wonderful Kristen Kay at   The day before, we’re supporting a group of our favourite self-advocates and using the new C.L.B.C. booklet, “Support Networks.” We’re looking forward to spending the day in Ladysmith with Tina Fabbro and her staff prior to that.   To talk about booking a workshop, contact us.   C.L.B.C. has been very supportive in terms of a small contract to provide workshops, and we’re also open to discussions about other training needs we might address with teams.    In the last year we provided workshops on planning, personal support networks, changing roles of staff, supporting families and networks, instructional strategies and the importance of celebrating stories of success.

April 1st is the date we’re working towards for a big book launch party with some of our new publications!

We’re also travelling afar a bit later in the spring – to Manitoba and New York state, partly to see some things that we’ve heard of and want to know more about, but as we make our plans we’ve been invited to do workshops in those places as well.    In September we’ll be co-presenting at a conference on person-centred approaches and organizational change in San Francisco.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to explore partnerships of any kind!

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  1. February 1, 2011 5:27 pm

    How timely – thank you!

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