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April 29, 2011

click here to check out this entry from Rachel van Rijn’s blog: a different kind of Dear John Letter…

this is a great blog, recommended by one of my heroes, SARK.  Armistead Maupin said something like, the world changes in direct proportion to the number of people willing to tell the truth about their lives.  Rachel’s “The Second Curriculum: an unconventional blog about finding wisdom and beauty in the ordinary” tells the kinds of stories we have all experienced in our lives, but with great reminders of compassion and taking stock of change in ourselves…  or noticing that things we thought we must change (like our crazy handwriting) are actually gifts.

i was drifting through her handcrafted marker notes, thinking it was sort of like when we read stories in which someone sits staring into the fire in a kind of meditation, listening to old myths…   a lighted laptop screen and a great blog by someone you can relate to is pretty much that same companionable experience sometimes.   home with a cold, i was strolling through linked foodie blogs and checking out what everyone’s cooking, thinking i would like to come for dinner (but not really) and then discovered Rachel and was thinking i’d like to be sitting in a class with her, and look over at her notes, and see how magical they are.   check out Rachel’s fiery truth-telling and be inspired to go change the world by telling your own truths.  if you’d prefer to browse at your own leisure through the whole blog, click here.    If you subscribe to her blog by email you’ll get these lovely updates maybe just when you most need one.   Thanks Rachel, for sharing and for letting us use your blog this month!!!

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