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the June e-newsletter: unveiling the Spectrum Press storefront and other stories

June 1, 2011

We are proud to announce the opening of our Spectrum Press online storefront at – in our first few weeks of business we’ve had orders from the east, south and then further east.   It’s pretty exciting.   We’re starting off with a dozen products, many of them featuring our rather amazing new logo, which is based on actively supporting communication, interdependence, listening and networks.   We’ve also got a new second edition of our book, a new facilitation manual, an exceptional DVD about moving from the isolation of institutions and traditional group homes to interdependence in communities, as well as our first publication by a self-advocate author, Barb Goode.   Drop in and check it out.   More products will be added regularly and we are open to taking orders for products from micro-enterprises and other businesses related to our interest in person-centredness and leadership.   Contact to enquire.

In this e-newsletter we finish our series about Lifetime Networks, a Victoria based organization that facilitates connection between people with disabilities and their communities, look at a new publication, Sarah Robinson’s blog and site that leads one to thinking about what’s “good enough” in our field and our continuing call for submissions of stories by self advocates about their adventures of all kinds, and essays or papers suitable for a new textbook focused on best-practice ways of supporting people with disabilities through facilitation of networks and support for their gifts, rather than challenges.

We’ve had an amazing month – Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift came to do two great workshops that were inspiring and full.   Don’t hesitate to have them come to your organization.   We’re going to try to get them back as soon as possible.   Our first book launch was a great success  and so much fun.   And we’re about to fly off to Syracuse to see an agency doing some excellent work and do a workshop, after which we come home and attend and present at the self-advocate summit, as well as working with Michael Kendrick on a new project.

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