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websites we love by people we’d love to spend time with: Al Etmanski on Canada Day

June 29, 2011

We think Al Etmanski and Vickie Cammack are national treasures but in our workshops we claim them and their work for our province, as two of many innovators in the cause of supporting folks with disabilities to live in communities that are welcoming and safe.    Ernie, our E.D., has been enjoying spending time with Al on a project they are both part of, and we’ve all been enjoying his blog which regularly sends out thoughtful, intelligent, perceptive articles.   I’m not sure how many of his articles I’ve forwarded to people.   In what seems like a long time ago, faced with yet another governmental change that threatened to disrupt the lives we were concerned to support as an agency, when we didn’t know what to do we called Al and asked him out for lunch and over souvlaki, in the course of an hour, he helped us make a plan to keep us viable.   Just another thing off the side of his desk.   And then, much later, he and Vickie rolled out PLAN which, in it’s various iterations, has taught us all so much, particularly about networks and how to develop and support them.

There are few topics that interest those of us concerned with best practices in social justice and citizenship supports that aren’t found somewhere in Al’s blog – poems, politics, jazz, planning, facilitation, alternative organizations, futures planning – he’s a big, big, big thinker with a multitude of interests that all circle around vulnerability.

So go have a browse through his blog, sign up for what has become his regularly emailed articles, and accept the gifts that he brings us and, if you like, this Canada Day spend a moment being grateful for leaders like Al and his role in the evolution of supports for those we care about.   Thanks, Al!

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