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2 months later… Spectrum Press update, by Jim Reynolds

August 1, 2011

Jim, working at a book table and making new friends 🙂

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2 Months Later…

by Jim Reynolds on July 21, 2011

Hi everyone.

Well, more than two months have whizzed by since our Spring Book Launch and things are busy around the Press. We have been selling books on-line, at conferences, and over the phone. Four public libraries have purchased our books for distribution, and many more are showing interest.

If you know of an individual, a library, or a school that might be interested in our publications, please feel free to let them know about this website –

Jenny has been doing a great job packing and shipping, and we are all looking forward to having our stockroom finished in the next couple of weeks. Aaron and Susan and I are busy writing and preparing for some exciting upcoming projects.

We currently have two calls out for submissions. One is for an anthology titled  From Institutions to Individuals: On Becoming Person-Centred, which will be directed to college  students in Community Support Worker, Education Assistant, or Disability Studies programs, and new or experienced community support workers. To get an idea of the type of essays we are looking for, read Susan Stanfield’s excellent article of the same title by clicking on the publications button at the top of this page.

This anthology will include about a dozen short essays about useful, best-practice approaches to supporting self-determination and personal network development. Prospective authors can be famous, unknown, academic, friends, family members, interdependent collaborators, or folks with disabilities.  Approaches can be research based or narrative.  The editors for this project are Aaron Johannes and Susan Stanfield, authors of 101 Ways to Make Friends, and Dr Patrick McDonagh, author of Idiocy: A Cultural History. We have extended the deadline for submissions for this project. The new deadline is November 1st, 2011.  Send your articles (by email only) to While unable to accept all submissions, we will try to comment on as many as possible.

We will be also be publishing a collection of stories by people with disabilities tentatively titled Adventure Stories by and for People We Care About! and the deadline for submissions for this book is January 1st, 2012. The stories in this collection should answer the question: What did you do that people doubted you could do and which you are very proud of? Tell your story like you’re sitting around a fire – make it exciting and interesting and don’t be afraid to feel really great about what you accomplished. We want a book to inspire us all.

For the collection of adventure stories, send your submissions  (again, by email only)  to either, or While unable to accept all submissions, we will respond to everyone.

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