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Steve Jobs, story-teller

August 26, 2011

insanely wonderful graphic by Dan Piraro

I really like this brief blog article about Steve Jobs, in which Bill Oakes pretty much says everything I might say about the things I admire about Jobs.    When things get awkward around supports for those we care about, and it’s impossible to not notice how the systems we’ve created stymie freedom and independence instead of supporting them, I often find myself thinking of the process he used to develop the Iphone, where he started not with the existing idea of a cell phone but instead by dreaming of what a hand held communication device might do.   Not trying to “fix” it but instead imagining what things might be like to result in new goals informed by what we now know about disability, diversity, interdependence, community and inclusion.   Hmmm….

on a last note, I make it a point to not steal anything on this blog and I am rarely even tempted but I actually stole this wonderful graphic 🙂 sorry, Dan Piraro

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