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David Pitonyak, Sept 26 at the Centre for Peace: Supporting a Person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

August 31, 2011

Dr. David Pitonyak is one of North America’s most sought after speakers and story-tellers and we are grateful that he is returning for a third year, with plans for more annual visits in the future!   “Supporting a Person with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” is a workshop that will be useful for those of us concerned to provide services and be in relationships with people with disabilities, given that there is a significantly higher number of people with disabilities who are thought to experience this.   It is also a factor for those who support them and experience repeated and unaddressed stress and anxiety.   David will lead us through recognising the common signs of PTSD, useful practical ideas to support treatment, and how to access help.   Much of the information is also useful for those who have dual diagnoses other than PTSD, and just for general lifestyle enhancement!

Find out more, and purchase tickets here.   If you are interested in registering five or more people, please contact for a reduced rate.

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