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Better Networks for Better Lives Project: World Cafe. A Photo Essay.

September 1, 2011

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For the past six months or so we’ve been working with a group of about a dozen individuals and those who support them to look at ways in which we can increase their ability to lead and self-direct their supports.   At this point we’re on our second round of interviews, and finding out more and more about what makes self-direction possible, what makes it more difficult and who matters in peoples’ lives.   We’ve already got lots of information to inform changes and direct our services, and had some engaging conversations.   A passionate exchange about calling those who work with those we care about, “staff” – if they are staff, does this mean I am a “client”?   I’d rather be a person and have supporters.  Another about how changing models of support require changing models for providing training.   If folks move into shared living, which we’ve seen huge successes in, how do we free up their shared living supporters to come to training?   How do we manage our assumptions about what information needs to be collected in new models of service?   Here are some photos from our day together on August 31st.

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