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January 31st – Michael Kendrick “What is Optimal Individual Service Design? Why Is It Important? How Does it Relate to Social Role Valorisation?”

January 13, 2012

You are invited to a PUBLIC EVENT: “What is Optimal Individual Service Design? Why Is It Important? How Does It Relate to Social Role Valorisation?”  A Conversation with Dr. Michael Kendrick,

January 31st, 7:30 – 9.    Spectrum Board Room, 3231 Kingsway, Vancouver RSVP Judy 604-323-1433

Spectrum is now involved in its 4th bout of OISD training (two here, and two in Vernon hosted by Kamloops Society for Community Living, Kindale and NOCLS), and we can certainly feel the shift.   Dr Michael Kendrick’s Optimal Individual Service Design is a two week intensive in which a maximum of thirty participants are led through a thoughtful planning process that focuses on proven best practice ways to support people with disabilities.  

Those who have taken the course often say it is transformational.  It introduces evidence based concepts and thinks critically about Social Role Valorisation and the roles that people with disabilities play and might take on in our communities.   The experiential element of actual participating in planning for individuals encourages whole new skill sets which can be taken back into your work or life and used immediately.     

The thirty participating trainees are from all different places – leaders at various levels, community support workers, students and parents – and they support ten focal people with disabilities.   They work in small teams through the two weeks to create plans which are then owned by the individual and may be used to ensure supports are on track, or to take to funders or agencies.

Come and join us for an informal conversation and let us know if you’re interested in being part of an upcoming OISD offering.  We’d love to talk.   We’re also planning to host a meeting of OISD participants later on in the spring, to talk about our experiences and plan how to best leverage this exceptional training.   You can check back here or on the Facebook OISD page.

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