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What to do with a thousand headaches.

April 30, 2012
What to do with a thousand headaches.

If a web search notices a thousand people in a single city search for information on headache relief, could a proactive public community help by projecting a possible flu outbreak?

This generation will be part of the dialogue on how this creates a new level of community responsibility around information, and a new way to deal with threat from an abuse of information.

Organizations are getting smaller. Get ready for the “Ogz”.

It’s easier than ever to make an open source and call out for support to make something happen.  Asking for feedback from diverse groups, experts, and celebrities can happen quickly and almost instantly. Virtually everyone has the ability to become the founder of an organization very quickly.

The tools will change :

  • Stringent barriers, grants & complex applications  will begin to be replaced by supplementing those working towards a cause with open source tools, professionals looking to volunteer, and simpler start-up investments.
  • Hierarchies will be begin to see a more of effort towards enlist peers and crowds to be a part of decision making processes. Young organizations will begin to do away with top-down titles less Ceo’s, Executives, Boards, and this or that and more community moderators, facilitators, and investors to enlist and support communities.

Small active projects will become worth more than a hundred hours in the boardroom.

Will webpages kill off the paper resume?
Jillian Aquino
Perhaps the online portfolios, twitters, and blogs of today will advance the paper resume or maybe even kill it off all together.

Today, people can have a real-time portfolio of their thoughts, community contributions, talents, references & interests.  It shows a better description of who they are and where they are going.

Having to prove one’s self using an identical document seems pale to comparison to what we can do with online presence. Perhaps the webpage will be the new resume?

You, Me, And Afghanistan And Greece And Thailand And Columbia.

One of the neat things about people is that it is easier than every to for everyone to contribute and collaborate on an idea.   In fact what you are a reading right now was sourced by inviting a people through social networks to participate their thoughts on an article.  Dozens on people contributed to an open source document on the web, shaping both the answer and the questions to what the future on community engagement will look like.

It is an exciting time.  What will this mean for all people the worlds communication?   It will certainly mean that lessons from far and wide will be able to shared with people near to us.

Words by Jules Andre-Brown

Illustrations by Jillian Aquino

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