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Pilot Project Sensing our 2020 Vision

June 29, 2012

Pilot Project : Sensing our 2020 Vision
In May of 2012, we began a 6 month pilot project designed to explore the feasibility of a new role at Spectrum.  Dubbed Navigators – people in this role focus on supporting the self-direction of focal people and their networks.
In Spectrum’s current  3 Year Strategic Plan, our central goal is:

” Spectrum Society aspires to be a model of excellence in building sustainable support networks that are grounded in strong partnerships with individuals, their families, friends and allies. We strive to learn, to improve our practice, and to effectively support the leadership of individuals and their networks.”

Our Strategic Plan also lays out five interdependent and mutually reinforcing change goals that are key to realizing our strategic goal.

  • Strengthening the capacity of individuals to develop and tap relationships, networks and community partnerships
  • Shifting to a more person-directed approach to service
  • becoming recognized as a model of excellence in supporting self governance locally and beyond
  • Nurturing a culture of learning and leadership
  • Developing a self-sustaining social enterprise/business arm of Spectrum

Navigators are working to have a better sense of who is in the person’s network and who assists with decision-making as well as the degree to which the person wishes (or might wish) to direct his or her supports.

We are learning what it takes to support a person to have the level of autonomy they desire and what part the agency, the community and the person’s network play.

Through sound person centered planning, we are learning about the goals of each person and ensuring that everyone in their network understands them

Check out our 2010-2013 Strategic Plan

Click to access SpectrumStrategicPlan2010-2013.pdf

Watch for updates as we learn more and more about listening deeply, what the barriers to self-determination might be, and what gifts folks and their supporters bring to these learning conversations!

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  1. July 18, 2012 8:25 pm

    Love it – be the change that you want to see in this world! M. Ghandi and Spectrum (smile)

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