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Temple Grandin on Bullying and Finding Others Who Have the Same Interests

August 27, 2012

Susan Stanfield talks about how being a friend is the opposite to being a bully, and that it would be useful to spend more time talking about how to be a good friend.   So I was interested in this answer from Temple Grandin’s website:

QUESTION: How do you deal with bullying?

— Tyler

ANSWER: I found it is easier to deal with bullying if I surround myself with people that have the same interests as I do. For instance, when I was in High School, I was a member of the rocket club, I rode horses and built electronics in class groups. The people I worked on projects with, or rode horses with, did not bully me because we liked to do the same things. There was no time for bullying and it was not an issue when I was with these groups.

Good groups to join are the boy scouts, band, art, gymnastics or dance, acting clubs, etc.

— Temple

Jeremy Vis just sent out an interesting link to a radio program in which Temple talks about autism and God.

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