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October 19, 2012

For those of you who attended David Pitonyak’s session and wanted copies of the graphics, here they are 🙂 I think you can save them by right-clicking (at least I can on my mac).


David is one of my favourite presenters and thinkers, and this topic is one that he speaks about passionately and knowledgeably.   He has also become a good friend and I look forward to his visits to Vancouver each autumn.   We had been in a session the previous day during which Avril Orloff and I had done tandem graphic facilitation and as we drove to the auditorium we talked about it and he said how much he enjoyed it and I said I wished we’d got someone in to do graphic facilitation for this presentation and then our friend Barb Goode gave me her funny eyebrows raised look and I said, well, I’ve got my markers and I’ve got paper in the trunk…  and one thing led to another.

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