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Welcome to the November 101 Friends e-newsletter

October 31, 2012

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“I think a major act of leadership right now, call it a radical act, is to create the places and processes so people can actually learn together, using our experiences.” Margaret J Wheatley

We’ve had a really busy October – celebrating Community Living Days and trying to get to as many events as possible around greater Vancouver, hosting an excellent workshop on belonging with David Pitonyak, preparing for John Lord’s workshop next week, and launching three new books.   If you haven’t seen them, check them out at  We attended a two day appreciative inquiry summit on supported employment that was great and we also had a great time learning from Becky Burton and just plain having fun…

Perhaps most of all, it’s been amazing to spend so much time with so many people we like and care about, and have opportunities to talk to them about things that matter.   Thanks!  Enjoy your Hallowe’en!


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