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Cheryl’s Star Raft Salon

January 30, 2013

FavouritePictureOfCherylWe had a great planning meeting with Cheryl, David Wetherow and Shelley Nessman to talk about how we’ll proceed.   Each month Cheryl will write a brief update here about our work.   Click on the tag “Cheryl’s Star Raft Salon” to see our progression.   Once we brainstormed all our ideas and put them up on the board, and then chose our favourites, Cheryl decided that we should limit our first project to a smaller group of self advocates.  We also looked at projecting a budget and who would be doing what.   One new and interesting goal is supporting the participants to learn ways to help others create networks if they want to do so.   Each participant will be able to get a PATH done as a way of focusing on their own goals.  We’re already getting requests to do more sessions in other areas, and once we get started we’ll certainly think about that!

We will be meeting one Saturday a month.

We’ll learn about introductions, hosting, places in community where we can contribute, staying in touch with others and planning.

We’ll host some parties and events.

We’ll have speakers come in from different associations to talk about what they do and how people might get involved.   We’ll also take these opportunities to talk about what folks with disabilities can offer organizations.

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  1. Jerry Laidlaw permalink
    January 31, 2013 10:21 am

    I am wanting to help

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