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Phoenix Perennials and Spectrum’s Inclusive Learning, Research and Press

April 27, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 7.27.23 PMPhoenix Perennials is my favourite nursery and it’s the go-to place for anyone who loves gardening and is interested in finding a huge selection of great quality plants.   Their plants are, like the work we do at Spectrum’s Inclusive Learning and Research, and Spectrum Press, much loved and treasured and focused on diversity.   They’re concerned with education and it’s one of the few garden stores I go to where people can answer any question.   So far the only time I’ve stumped them is when I asked “Which Hellebore should I buy?”  So we were thrilled to be chosen to be one of their charities this year, in the Community Building section for May 25th and 26th (put this in your schedule now!).   Here we are with other community building organizations:

Community Builders   
South Van GoGos
Spinal Cord Injury BC
Gilmore Elementary, Grade Seven Students‘ Quebec Trip 2014
Richmond Family Place Society
Inclusive Learning and Research, a division of Spectrum Society for Community Living
ONE TO ONE Literacy Society
The Community Arts Council of Richmond
CircusWest Performing Arts Society

So here’s how it works – during the Saturday and Sunday of a Charity Shopping Weekend 25% of each purchase made by a customer who mentions us (Inclusive Learning and Research, a division of Spectrum Society for Community Living) will be donated to be used in our work.  This is a great example of the kinds of partnerships we’re focused on, between community, entrepreneurs and our social enterprise.   Since 2004 Phoenix Perennials has raised over $12,200 for local charities!

Helping self advocates tell their stories and clarify their ideas, and turning them into books and pictures they can share, is our passion but it all costs money.   In just the last few months we’ve worked a lot, but we’ve also donated about 300 hours to various excellent causes, facilitating groups, helping with planning for individuals and groups, and through graphic facilitation.   We’re thrilled with the responses to our work and dedicated to continuing it, and this is a great opportunity if you want to help out and if you love great plants.  They have excellent perennials, but also really select vegetable, annuals and rare plants.

If you prefer to donate directly, check out this link:  If it is our work you are specifically interested in, around literacy, story-telling, empowerment, communication connections, interdependence and leadership – make a note to direct your donation to us.    Please do forward this to garden loving friends!

Thanks so much – Aaron, Barb, Cheryl, Ernie, Jenny, Jim, Judy, Jules Shelley and Susan!

If you’re looking for a great deal on a workshop, by the way, check out this link to a Phoenix Perennials Groupon coupon.

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